HYDRASTAR® is the pioneer of electric over hydraulic trailer brake technology and was one of the first electric over hydraulic brake actuators to be mass produced. Several years ago the HYDRASTAR® line was purchased by Barry Hansel, the first sales engineer for HYDRASTAR®, and his son Wendell Hansel, from Carlisle Brake and Friction. Since acquiring the HYDRASTAR® line, Barry and Wendell have dedicated themselves to increasing the overall quality and customer service of the HYDRASTAR® line. With over 50 years combined experience in both the trailer industry, and in business, the father and son combination has developed a product line, and a company, that customers can rely on.

With the HYDRASTAR® line we believe that what you tow is important to you, so we make it important to us. HYDRASTAR® is committed to delivering the fastest response time, the shortest stopping distance, and maximum braking safety. We pair those performance standards with unmatched customer service where you can speak with our full time technical support associate when you call. Whether you are towing a boat trailer, car hauler, horse trailer, livestock trailer, equipment trailer, or a cargo trailer, our company is dedicated to manufacturing the safest trailer braking application on the market, and with HYDRASTAR®, that is what we deliver.

Wendell Hansel