Hydrastar vs Electric Brakes

Fractions of a second equals feet when it comes to your trailer brakes. Control of your trailer brakes from the tow vehicle, plus the stopping power of hydraulics, reduces those fractions of a second and feet of stopping distance. Hydrastar gives you that control of your trailer brakes and the peace of mind of having the safest braking on the market.

Electric Brakes can Lead to Catastrophic Failure!

  • Brake Fade

    Brake fade occurs when the brake pad and the generate sufficient mutual friction to stop the vehicle

  • Heat Build-Up

    excessive heat can lead to brake fade, loss of magnetism of the brake magnets, bearing failure, and tire damage

  • Contamination/Corrosion

    Contamination or corrosion of the internal components can lead to an inoperable or demised brake

  • Wire damage

    Damaged wires can result in no signal to the brake, making the brake inoperable

  • Improper adjustment

    Improper adjusted brakes may not provide the fiction surface in order for the brakes to function properly

  • Internal moving parts

    The more moving/working parts present in the braking hub, the greater chance you have for a part failure, resulting in a brake failure

Benefits of Hydraulic Brakes

  1. Nearly 50% Shorter Stopping Distance
  2. Hydraulic brakes provide 2X the stopping force of electric brakes
  3. Less susceptible to Heat, Contamination, and Corrosion
  4. Eliminates brake fade
  5. Adjustments not required
  6. Few moving parts
  7. Reduce maintenance and maintenance cost

Electric Brakes

Stopping Distance

Stopping Power

Fastest Response Time = Shortest Stopping Distance


Stopping Distance

Hydrastar Electric Brake Conversion System

If there is one single option trailer owner’s consider a "must have" it's hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes will stop faster, last longer, and are considerably cheaper to maintain than electric drum brakes. The Hydrastar Hydraulic Braking System uses your standard in-cab brake controller to control hydraulic disc brakes that reside solely on the trailer. The tow vehicle does not need anything other than the in-cab controller to operate the hydraulic brake system. Hydraulic disc brakes outperform electric brakes in stopping power, have less brake fade and better heat dissipation. Convert your inferior electric brake system to a hydraulic brake system with Hydrastar. Everything you need from the actuator, to the disc brakes, and the brake lines/fittings are found in the Hydrastar Hydraulic Trailer Braking System.

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