Hydrastar delivers Stopping Power for any trailer

Whether you're hauling boats, RV, construction or farm equipment, you need stopping power for your trailer that you can rely on. Cargo Towing Solutions' Hydrastar® trailer brake actuators deliver the industry's fastest response time to provide maximum braking safety for your towed trailer/vehicle.

Available in 1000, 1200, or 1600 psi pressures for various trailer brake configurations, the industry-leading Hydrastar actuators are easy to install and meet all DOT and federal braking requirements. Hydrastar actuators are even ideal for rental fleets or shared trailers - when you need to change tow vehicles, it's as simple as moving the communicator to a new DC power outlet, no special wiring needed.

Hydrastar trailer brake actuators are proven to improve the stopping performance for trailers in all kinds of applications, including hauling boats, RV/towables, horses, cars, construction and farm equipment, as well as many other load types.