Hydrastar vs Surge Brakes

You apply your brakes and you hear a "CLUNK" followed by a push against your tow vehicle. You are backing down, or should we say, sliding down the boat ramp with no brakes on the trailer. You are backing up a hill, or traveling down one, and your trailer brakes keep locking up. You have no control over your trailer brakes, you have surge brakes! Hydrastar gives you complete braking control when, and only when, you want or need your trailer brakes. Whether backing down a boat ramp, traveling up and down the mountains or hills, or in stop and go traffic, Hydrastar gives you the control and stopping power to make trailering easier on you and your tow vehicle.

  • Faster braking response
  • Instant brake application and release
  • No CLUNK
  • No push from the trailer
  • Braking control from the tow vehicle
  • Eliminates problems associated with backing the trailer uphill
  • Eliminates problems associated with traveling downhill
  • Eliminates rust and corrosion problems associated with surge brake actuator
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Surge Brakes

Stopping Distance

Stopping Power

Fastest Response Time = Shortest Stopping Distance


Stopping Distance

Hydrastar Surge Brake Conversion System

The Hydrastar Marine Surge Brake Conversion Kit is the solution to all the problems associated with surge trailer brakes. Unlike surge brakes, which are inertia based hydraulics, Hydrastar gives you all the brake control from inside of the tow vehicle. Never slide down the boat ramp again, and take control of your trailer brakes. This kit consist of everything you will need to convert the outdated surge brake system to an electric over hydraulic trailer brake system. Simply wire the brake actuator with the hardware provided, insert the brake line in to the actuator, and say goodbye to all your surge brake problems.

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